100 Open source and free application

2009 September 26

Great list of various tools/applications that are free and open source. Includes categories like programming, web development, photo/video editing etc 100 Open Source Applications Check this out

We are Hiring (again) @ SRA International, Durham, NC

2009 May 19

We recently have a position open up in my group for a Software Engineer. The work is mostly ColdFusion and must be done onsite. For further details and application process. please follow this link and search for requisition number "24542BR". Please feel free to contact me at qasim At for any questions.

Laws of Software Development

2009 May 08

I was just looking at an interesting blog post titled "Laws of Source Code and Software Development" and I couldn't agree more. Here are the few highlights

  1. Commented out code are not comments - When you are using version control, code changes should be tracked by version and not code comments
  2. Don't make excuses for your code - Your code is the reason for you being paid and not excuses. "It worked on my machine" is one of the most lame excuse. You will never ship out your computer to client with an application. Use unit tests and integration test to ensure that the code is working according to it intent
  3. Don't take code personal - Code reviews are meant to improve the quality of application. No one is pointing finger at you for writing a piece of code. As a matter of fact, people have taken time to review your work and will provide you feedback on quality of the code
  4. Code is your legacy - For years after you leave, people with either curse you or thank you while maintaining your code. Don't we expect the same when we inherit someone's code
  5. Coding != Programming - Writing code and software development are two different things.
  6. Coding is learning - If you are not learning you are doing it wrong. Every project is an opportunity to learn.
  7. Good good produce great communication - People will read the code that you write just as emails. Use best practices and common design patterns and idioms. Your code should communicate clearly and concisely its intent.

There are few more on the author's website, so make sure to check that out as well. Happy coding

CFUnited Survery out - Vote for me !

2008 December 04

The CFUnited topic survey is up so go vote! And while you are there, do remember to vote for me as I'll be speaking about "Continuous Integration - Automation for people". See you at CFUnited 2009, hopefully :)

We are Hiring @ SRA International, Durham, NC

2008 October 04

We are looking to hire a medium level ColdFusion developer in our dynamic and challenging work environment. The position is full time, on-site position with SRA Global Health Sector. Here are the few highlights

  • Strong knowledge of ColdFusion including experience with CFCs and custom tags
  • Strong knowledge of XHTML, CSS, AJAX, XML and JavaScript
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Patterns
  • Experience with frameworks such as MachII, Fusebox, ColdSpring is a big plus
  • Must be a quick learner and able to take initiative

For further details and application process. please follow this link and search for requisition number "21107BR" or you can contact me at qasimrasheed AT gmail DOT com

IT Cartoon

2008 September 29

I have not blogged for a while - combination of MBA classes, work issues and Ramadan have kept me quite busy. Anyways here is an interesting list of various cartoons related to IT and Programmers. Most of them are quite hilarious. Comics Related to IT/Programmers Enjoy Edit: I just realized that this is the original source of these cartoons Stack Overflow

MBA - Orientation

2008 August 16
tags: MBA

I am going to start part-time MBA this fall at Jenkins School of Management which is part of the North Carolina State University. Today was our first full day of orientation which turned out to be very informative and exciting. The day started with breakfast and an introductory session by the Dean of Business School. It was followed by following sessions and then lunch (which was just ok).

  • Academics and course sequence
  • Logistics
  • Q&A session with existing MBA students
  • Career resources and coaching available to NCSU MBA students

However the most interesting part of the entire orientation was the team development session by Dr Tony O'Driscoll who is definitely an excellent and entertaining speaker. I'll try to write more about this session later however these were few highlights.

  • How to be effective and efficient at the same time
  • Paradigm
  • P/PC Balance
  • Ladder of Inference
  • Win-Win Thinking

Overall I am feeling excited to start this new chapter in my life. More about all this later.....

Site was down briefly

2008 August 13
My site was down for almost two weeks as I wasn't aware that my hosting company decided to phase out the server where this site lives. I was in no position to complain as this site was hosted there for free :) Anyways last weekend, I decided to move the site to a new host HostingAtoZ whose prices are very reasonable for a site like this which doesn't get a lot of traffic. Everything went smooth except that this new host has setProfileString and getProfileString functions blocked which are used by the version of BlogCFC running this site. Anyways it took few modification to the code based on the direction here and everything seems to work well (at least for now).

Happy Birthday - Ahmed Rasheed

2008 July 15

Last weekend was a memorable day for our small family. It was the first birthday of our cute little son "Ahmed Rasheed" who was born on July, 12th last year. I am sure those of you with a kid in the house will be in agreement to the excitement and happiness that surround this great milestone. Time really flies very quickly as it just seem like yesterday when we brought Ahmed from hospital and probably for the first time in my life, I was feeling very nervous while driving. Anyways we are thankful for such a great gift and wish him a great and prosperous future.

CFLog4j - Interesting enhancements by Eric

2008 July 15

I wrote cflog4j last year while working with an application at work that needed significant amount of logging. CFLog4j is essentially a ColdFusion based wrapper around the powerful Java library for logging i.e. log4j. I also wrote few Fusebox lexicons to log activity from the circuit files as that was the framework of choice at my last job. I haven't had a chance to improve and extend the original code for a while now. However Eric Knipp has been doing some excellent work with this project. Here are few blog posts related to this topic.

  1. ColdFusion and Log4j
  2. ColdFusion & Log4j Part 2 - Writing Logs to a Database
  3. ColdFusion & Log4j Part 3 - Custom Attributes and Mapped Diagnostic Context

Thanks Eric!